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Antonietta Procopio

Photographer Management | Art Buyer |  Creative Consultant

Every day Antonietta sees hundreds of motifs, she knows hundreds of photographers, filmmakers, and creative people all over the world, and has been on location for countless shootings. Her network reaches from Cape Town to Oslo and from Tokyo to Los Angeles, where she lived for several years. Since she is the mother of an enchanting daughter, there is no longer a creative whim on the set that could upset her. If a driver is missing, Anto also likes to take the wheel herself. ┬╗Preferably behind the wheel of a Mustang, the one with the V8, of course.┬ź There she prefers the Americans over the Italians.

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Antonietta Procopio
Photographer Management

Phone +49 (0)7121 43 30 4-735

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